Edric was a captain within the Varden and was in-charge of a mission where Roran was serving as his second-in-command. He was known to be a competent commander, but he kept a firm grip on his soldiers, giving severe punishments for minor things, as Roran found out three times on his first day with Edric's troops. Edric ordered Sand and Roran to rush into a battle, but when Edric and his squad failed, Roran didn't charge in and devised his own strategy to try and win the battle and to save Edric and his group of men. Roran's strategy worked and he killed 193 enemies by himself, 194 if you count a enemy that Roran stabbed with a spear before the archers killed him. However, Roran had disobeyed Edric's orders, so he was relinquished from command and had to surrender his weapons and tend to the pack horses. Once the company returned to the Varden, Nasuada made sure that Edric was demoted.

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