Du Silbena Datia was an elven song about a sad tale of two lovers who were separated by longing for the sea. The two lovers' names were Acallamh and Nuada. The elves find great meaning in the story.

This is a verse from Du Silbena Datia:

O liquid temptress 'neath the azure sky,
Your gilded expanse calls me, calls me.
For I would sail ever on,
Were it not for the elven maid,
Who calls me, calls me.
She binds my heart with a lily-white tie,
Never to be broken, save by the sea,
Ever to be torn twixt the trees and the waves.

Brom translated it from the Ancient Language and recited this verse to Eragon near the coast of Teirm. Eragon thought the song was beautiful. Brom also told Eragon that although elves live far from the ocean, they love the sound of crashing waves, the smell of salt air as it affected them deeply and has inspired many of their loveliest songs.

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