A drug was a lethal substance that was commonly formed from plants and weeds.

Drug trade Edit

Before the Dragon War, drug trade was illegal and its prohibition was strictly enforced by the Dragon Riders. After the rise of the Broddring Empire and the corruption of the government, however, the trade flourished.

Usage Edit

Drugs could induce loss of both memory and focus and thus were often used as an anti-magic weapon. As the Du Vrangr Gata began to increase in numbers, Galbatorix's agents purchased large amounts of drugs from a dealership and used them to cause enemy magicians to forget spells.

There were different methods of administering drugs. Certain drugs, such as the anti-magic drug, could be introduced into food or drink.

Role in the books Edit

In Eragon, Eragon was drugged by Durza (after he was captured), to ensure that he would not be able to free himself with magic. Murtagh later rescued him. Arya was also drugged by Durza in Eragon before being saved by Eragon and Murtagh.

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