Spoiler Eldest

Drail was an assassin who served the Broddring Empire. He was a member of the Black Hand, the secret network of Imperial spies located in Surda. He was described as "short, bearded, and plain-looking."

Role in EldestEdit

In Eldest, Drail attempted to assassinate Nasuada with a metal dart. This attempt was foiled by Elva, who shoved Nasuada out of harm's way at the last second. Nasuada then sent Trianna along with other members of Du Vrangr Gata to capture Drail, who was located in a hotel in the city Aberon.

He committed suicide with magic when his mind was breached by Trianna and the other magicians. Before he died, however, the magicians learned that he served Galbatorix and was a member of the Black Hand.

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