Doru Araeba
Doru Araeba
Major Species Previously: Dragons, Elves, Humans
Currently: Snalglí and other creatures foreign to the rest of Alagaësia
Location Vroengard
Terrain Unknown
Climate Unknown
Main Industry Unknown

Doru Araeba was the capital of Vroengard, where the Dragon Riders once lived and trained.

Facts Edit

Little is known about Doru Araeba except the fact that it was once the base and headquarters of the Dragon Riders before The Fall.

It is known that the epic battle between Galbatorix and the last Dragon Rider Vrael took place in Doru Araeba. Glaerun and his dragon were killed here by the elf Thuviel, along with many Dragon Riders.

It is also known that Brom's dragon Saphira was killed there by the Forsworn.

The biggest and most important library of Alagaësia was located here, until it was destroyed during the Dragon War and sacked by Galbatorix.

In Inheritance it was discovered by Eragon that the Vault of Souls was located here. Along with Saphira and Glaedr he ventured to the ruins. While there, Eragon explored what remained of the ruins, discovering many new creatures that were created as a result of all the magic released in the battle between the Forsworn and the Riders, such as the íllgrathr (the burrow grubs Galbatorix used on Nasuada during her captivity) and the shadow birds (sundavrblaka).

While there, Eragon and Saphira discover their True names. They did so in order to enter the vault of Souls where they discover a chamber deep underground that contained about a hundred and thirty-six Eldunarí (whether or not that includes the five who remained or Cuaroc is not clear) and two hundred and forty-three Dragon eggs (including twenty-six which were set to be joined with riders), that were hidden from Galbatorix before the fall of the riders.

Location Edit

Doru Araeba was situated in the far corner of Alagaësia, on the island of Vroengard. This made it hard for anyone but Dragon Riders to get there, leaving them to train and study in peace, creating wonders such as Svellhjall.

Spelling Edit

The spelling Doru Araeba is used in Eldest and Brisingr, while in Eragon and some translations the city is spelled Dorú Areaba.