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The Domia abr Wyrda (Dominance of Fate) was a book, written by Heslant the Monk, which chronicled the complete history of Alagaësia, from the time prior to the coming of the elves until a few decades before the Rider War.

Contents Edit

Domia abr Wyrda was an ambitious history from 0 AC to 7982 AC, so some research would indicate forerunners in the form of Eddison's Dialogues and the Chronicles of Ingothold, although Eddison and Heslant did not always agree on the causes of events.

Domia abr Wyrda in the Broddring Empire Edit

Due to its unfavourable portrayal of Galbatorix, the book was titled as being treasonous material and was as such banned by the Broddring Empire. Following this, Heslant the Monk was labeled as a heretic and burned at the stake. Because of his premature demise, few copies of Domia abr Wyrda existed in the Broddring Empire, however following its prohibition, nearly all copies within the reach of the Broddring Empire were confiscated and destroyed. That was also the reason copies of Domia abr Wyrda were so difficult to obtain in the Broddring Empire, however multiple copies were known to exist amongst the Varden and many others in collections and libraries throughout Surda.

Domia Abr Wyrda As A Possible BookEdit

Christopher Paolini has expressed interest in writing an actual version of Domia Abr Wyrda, but has not confirmed that he will indeed write the history of Alagaësia down. However, an excerpt was released in 2006 with the limited edition of Eldest, and Paolini has confirmed that Book 4 will have at least one excerpt from the book on (TBA Nov. 2011).

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