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"Spells so powerful, the elves dare not utter them, cowards that they are. … Secrets, terrible secrets, that can destroy your enemies and fulfill all of your desires."

Dark magic was a form of magic consisting of very powerful spells, such as the Energy shaft, that were considered dangerous by most magicians. Spellcasters of darker, more egocentric dispositions, such as Murtagh, or a Shade, were only too eager to utilize Dark magic.

Description Edit

Dark magic consists of spells that are all somehow more malevolent in nature, or that they have heavy cost to use them, such as a high cost in energy. In its most basic nature, "dark magic" simply describes magic that aims purposely to cause suffering, or is used with ill-intent.

Uses Edit

Dark magic could provide great power if used correctly. It was one of the only ways to break a dragon's consciousness once they had retreated into their Eldunarí, forcing them to obey the caster. Those who harnessed Dark magic also had more power, or at least more ways to apply it, than spellcasters who shunned Dark magic.

Role in the books Edit

Galbatorix was a master of Dark magic. He learned, discovered and invented many spells of dark magic. He taught them to his apprentice, Murtagh. Another ally of Galbatorix, Durza probably shared dark spells with Galbatorix as well.

Shades, like Durza and Varaug, were inherently capable of using dark magic, which Angela insisted was unholy and evil. Both of these Shades used Dark magical abilities and seemed to delight in inflicting harm and torture.

Murtagh used dark magic against Eragon and Oromis when he battled them. The first time, Eragon was defeated easily by Murtagh, though he managed to match his dark arts the second time they fought and drive him off, though only with the help of a dozen elven spellcasters. It was the effects of dark magic that crippled Oromis and ultimately allowed Murtagh to kill him.

Users of Dark magic Edit

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