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Daret on a map of Alagaësia

Daret was a village in Alagaësia that was west of the Ninor River and south of Yazuac. It may have been destroyed during the Northern Massacres.

Eragon and Brom passed through here on their way to the Varden and were almost ambushed here. It was also in Daret that Brom purchased a glove for Eragon to hide his gedwëy ignasia.

Role in the Eragon movieEdit


Daret, as depicted in the Eragon movie

Eragon and Brom passed through Daret on their way to the Varden. After Eragon had his fortune told by Angela, they were attacked by Urgals and Eragon used Magic for the first time. In the book, this took place in Yazuac. It was also here that Eragon first spotted Murtagh.

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