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A crown was a unit of money used throughout Alagaësia.

Value Edit

  • In Eragon, Sloan offered Eragon three crowns for Saphira's egg. Eragon refused, because three crowns would not even buy enough meat to last a week.
  • Brom paid 200 crowns for two horses, Snowfire and Cadoc, as well as two saddles.
  • Whilst journeying through Narda, Roran discovered a poster from the Broddring Empire offering 10,000 crowns for information leading to his capture. This was said to be enough to live in comfort for several decades.
  • Roran and the other villagers of Carvahall bargained passage onto Clovis's barges for 200 crowns, plus an additional twelve to leave two days after they struck the bargain. The agreement was also for 400 crowns upon the completion of the voyage, but this fee was not paid. When the fee was delivered to Clovis, he stated that "There be nothing like yellow gold to brighten a man's day."
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