Coronation was a ceremony investing an individual with regal power, traditionally including the presentation of a crown.

The ceremony Edit

Exact details for human coronations were not given in the cycle but, as they shared much of their culture with the dwarves, some variant of the basic dwarven process seen in Ascension may be assumed.

  • The coronation of a monarch, as a major event, will attract many guests. It may be noted that the dwarves traditionally allowed three months for those who wished to attend to travel to Farthen Dûr. The Drums of Derva traditionally summoned the guests in the Beor Mountains.
  • Orik speaks in Ascension of "feasting and song," "games of wit and strength" and "contests of skill" being held in celebration.
  • The ancestral throne is used, situated in a great hall. In Ascension, the throne faced east to symbolise dawn.
  • A guard of honor for the monarch is present, along with choral music and many hundreds of guests.
  • The monarch proceeds to the throne, garbed in regalia and bearing traditional symbols. Orik, for example carried Volund.
  • In dwarven coronations, twelve dwarf-children followed the monarch-in-waiting, each carrying a stone orb. Rose petals, in dwarven ceremonies, were released from the ceiling.
  • The high priest or other such peer (Gannel in Orik's case) stepped forward to perform the ceremony. In Ascension, Gannel brings his staff down on the floor and speaks in Dwarvish. He then switches to the Ancient Language to weave a spell, appealing for the blessing of Gûntera.
  • In dwarven coronations, Gûntera himself comes forth and questions the monarch three times in Dwarvish. After this, Gûntera places the crown on the monarch's head.
  • The lords and subjects pledge loyalty to their monarch.

Uncrowned monarchs Edit

In exceptional circumstances, individuals have taken the throne without a formal coronation. Galbatorix and the Heretic Kings are notable examples of this. Frequently, these individuals seized power from the rightful ruler forcibly. Their reigns are often short and often violent.

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