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This article is about the place. You may be looking for Ceris (chapter).

Ceris on a map of Alagaësia

Ceris was a small, Elven settlement in the southeast of Du Weldenvarden, just west of the Edda River.

Following the Battle under Farthen Dûr, Eragon and Saphira were going to Ellesméra for further Rider training. They, with the company of Arya, Orik, as well as Hrothgar's assigned dwarves, traveled along the Âz Ragni and Edda River to Du Weldenvarden, where they met other elves at Ceris at night. It was there that Eragon and Saphira bode farewell to the dwarves, except for Orik. Eragon, Orik, Arya, and two elves, Narí and Lifaen, then left Ceris and boated up Eldor Lake and later Gaena River to Sílthrim.

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