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Celbedeil was a temple located at the top of the dwarven city of Tarnag. It was the seat of the dwarven clan  Dûrgrimst Quan. It contains the main temple of the dwarves and also the living quarters of the Dûrgrimst Quan.

Appearance Edit

Outside Celbedeil looks like a milky bead floating atop a pyramid of gray slate. This is because the cupola is colored gold and white causing it to shine like a polished moonstone. Its architectural structure is that of a series of pillars upholding the cupola that forms the roof. In addition, ribs of gold outline the cupola, enhancing its glitter in the light. Extensive gardens surround the temple, with many pathways forming a complex mosaic of the grounds.

Inside, the walls are inlaid with various gems and precious stones, from pearls and diamonds to jade. Other decorations include numerous statues related to dwarven myth as well as the primary statues of the deities, supplemented by the famous mosaic that details the history of the dwarves and screen partitions made entirely of jade.

Celbedeil contains not only living quarters for Dûrgrimst Quan, but also an armory and training room for the Hûthvír staff, the gallery which contains the historical mural of the dwarves, storage rooms for the wealth of Dûrgrimst Quan and prayer rooms.

Function Edit

As the seat of Dûrgrimst Quan, it serves not only as the main temple of the dwarven nation but also as the economic capital where most of the dwarven gold is stored. Training of new priests occurs here as well as instruction as to how to use the Hûthvír. This weapon is only to be used by Dûrgrimst Quan, with the exception of the witch Angela, who won one off a priest in a game of runes.

Occurence in the books Edit

Eragon visited Celbediel briefly in Eldest, where he was tutored in dwarven mythology and history by Gannel.[1] He was also given a hammer-shaped pendant to prevent him from being scryed.

Linguistics Edit

In runes, Celbedeil is actually rendered as Selbedeil. This arose from the confusion between the runes for "c" and "s" by human translators.


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