Casting fire, also called pyrokinesis, was a basic application of magic most magicians and Dragon Riders learned fairly early. Some of the words to summon fire included "brisingr" and "(boetk) istalrí."


Casting fire could take many different forms, but the general effect was fire appearing and being sent at an attacker or used to light a campfire. A variant of casting fire was broad fire, which was a larger scale version of casting fire.


Casting fire had dozens of uses, from lighting small fires, to clearing large sections of forests, to attacking enemies. Various pyrokinesis spells are employed throughout the Inheritance Cycle.

Role in the booksEdit

  • One of Eragon's signature moves is casting fire unto an arrow and then shooting it at an enemy. This was his first use of magic and the method in which he killed his first Urgal.
  • Eragon cast fire unto Zar'roc, right before plunging it into Durza's heart.
  • Eragon's second sword was named "Brisingr" and would burst into flames whenever he said its name.
  • Brom, Tenga, and several others use fire for casual purposes such as to light cookfires, campfires, or pipes.
  • Oromis once conjured a golden flame over his palm while instructing Eragon in non-verbal manipulation.
  • In the movie and game, one of Durza's primary attacks was casting fire at his enemies, either as explosive balls or streams of flame.
  • Durza used broad fire to trap Arya before he attempted to capture the dragon egg from her.
  • One of the Twins' magical tests for Eragon involved casting fire.
  • Dragons use their magic to help them breathe fire. This is one of the only types of magic they can use at will. (The dragons also use magic to assist their flight.)

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use pyrokinesisEdit

Probably used pyrokinesisEdit

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