Bregan, known initially as The Man Who Sees The Lights was a male human who claimed to see energy in the form of lights. He was a soldier of the Varden who fought during the Battle of The Burning Plains. During the battle, an Imperial soldier cut off three of his fingers when he tried to defend himself from a blow. Later, a missile struck him in the foot and his foot got blown off. It was upon receiving this injury that he claimed to see lights.

This man had the ability to sense the presence of Eragon, as well as the Belt of Beloth the Wise and the ring Aren. He also described Murtagh Morzansson as if the light shone through him, rather than from him. This was later revealed to be due to the Eldunarí that Galbatorix used to strengthen Murtagh.

A healer for the Varden told Eragon not to mind this man, as though he claims to know things, he gets it all from the other patients. Eragon replied that the man had an unusual ability and asked that the healer inform Du Vrangr Gata should his condition change.

Eragon would later learn that the man's real name was Bregan and that he had since been employed as a cook, since though he was unable to see in the physical realm, he could always detect where game was hiding. They met again just before the Battle of Urû'baen, where Bregan commented that his vision had dimmed but went on to discuss his view of the lights around Eragon and the citadel.

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