Beirland Island

The Boar's Eye on a map of Alagaësia

The Boar's Eye was a monstrous maelstrom in the sea, formed by tidal currents that collided between Beirland and Nia. When the tide waxed, it rotated north to west; when the tide waned, it rotated north to east. On average, the Eye's center was a league in diameter, while the arms were up to fifteen miles across. Ships unlucky enough to be caught by it were utterly destroyed, with remnants of the vessels found on the beaches of both islands. It was the terror of many sailors and pirates. Even Uthar, Jeod's finest seaman, was mortally afraid to go through it.

After fleeing Teirm aboard the Dragon Wing, (a ship that Roran and Carvahall's villagers pirated) Roran, Jeod, Uthar, Jeod's crew, as well as the villagers of Carvahall were pursued by three sloops from the Broddring Empire. Their only hope of survival was to sail through the Boar's Eye. At first, Uthar refused, fearing certain death, but with some persuasion from Roran and Jeod he reluctantly agreed. They managed to get through the whirlpool because of the fact that they simply had enough villagers on hand to constantly row and also through sheer luck. The Dragon Wing was nearly sucked to the bottom of the ocean, but they succeeded in running the Boar's Eye. The pursuing sloops were not so fortunate, however. They did not have the manpower needed to pull their ships out of the whirlpool and were pulled to the ocean floor, where they were smashed by the rocks below.

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