Bellaen du Hljödhr, or Bellaen the Silent in the Ancient Language, was an elf of the House Miolandra and wrote Eragon and Saphira this message:

Greetings, Saphira Bjartskular and Eragon Shadeslayer.
I, Bellaen of House Miolandra, do humble myself and apologize to you, Saphira, for this unsatisfactory meal. Elves do not hunt, and no meat is to be had in Ellesméra, nor in any of our cities. If you wish, you can do as the dragons of old were wont, and catch what you may in Du Weldenvarden. We only ask that you leave your kills in the forest so that our air and water remain untainted by blood. Eragon, these clothes are for you. They were woven by Niduen of Islanzadí's house and are her gift to you.
May good fortune rule over you, Peace live in your heart, And the stars watch over you.
Bellaen du Hljödhr

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