The Battle of the Plains of Ilirea was the final attempt by those opposed to Galbatorix to defeat him and the traitors with him.


Galbatorix and the Forsworn defeated the combined might of the Order of the Dragon Riders, the Wild dragons, and their allies. Vrael was wounded and was recovering at Utgard Mountain attempting to recover from his injuries suffered from the battle of Doru Araeba. Brom was rescued and brought to safety in Ellesméra at the behest of Oromis and it was there he attempted to beg for a new sword from Rhunön. Refused, he embarked on a course of vengence against Morzan.

In the forests of Du Weldenvarden, the elves had assembled, even as the Riders had before them at Vroengard. They set forth to challenge Galbatorix in a final effort to defeat the traitors. Led by King Evandar, the army marched onto the plains of Ilirea, intent on avenging the Dragons, their slain brethren, friends, compatriots, and allies.

The BattleEdit

The battle did not go well for the Elves and their allies. King Evandar was slain and the elves were defeated. Presumably, almost all the Riders who participated were killed, marking an end of the Riders of old. Of the old Riders, only Brom and Oromis remained, although it was unknown to all for over a century that eggs and Eldunarí survived Galbatorix's triumph in the Vault of Souls.


The Elves were driven back into Du Weldenvarden which they fortified anew to prevent all from entry. Galbatorix and the Forsworn were free to establish the Empire. They launched campaigns against the Dwarves, hunted down all remaining Dragons and Riders, and crushed all resistance to their rule.

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