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The Battle of the Jiet river took place at the Burning Plains during the Rider War.

With the small amount of people the Imperial Army had, King Orrin boasted that they would be able to kill them all without losing a single man. However, the Imperial forces of the Laughing Dead felt no pain and they could go on fighting far longer than a normal man would have been able to before he gave up and died.

Thorn and Murtagh were at this battle, determined to take Eragon and Saphira to Urû'baen. Murtagh paused when Eragon told him about how a person's true name could change, though Murtagh was appalled at this, saying the cure was worse than the infliction as Murtagh and Thorn would have to destroy their current character and start anew. Murtagh also stated that Galbatorix probably knew about this and put wards around Murtagh to alert him if he changes his true name. With the help of the thirteen Elven spellweavers, Eragon managed to stop Murtagh from burning the camp and ended up victorious.

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