Battle of Ithrö Zhâda

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Battle of Ithrö Zhâda
Part of: Rider War
Place Ithrö Zhâda
Result Decisive Imperial Victory
Broddring Empire The Dwarves
Durza, Tarok and Gashz Unknown
Unknown Unknown
Unknown, probably light All but one Dwarf soldier.

The Battle of Ithrö Zhâda was a battle just prior to the Rider War. The battle took place in the hidden fortress of Ithrö Zhâda and was fought between the Urgal army and the dwarves. The city was called "Ithrö Zhâda" by Galbatorix and the Broddring Empire, the dwarves called it "Orthíad".

The Urgal army and Durza killed all the dwarves except one so they could use the tunnels that were connected with Farthen Dûr. In the Battle Under Farthen Dûr, the Urgals snuck into these tunnels and attacked Farthen Dûr. Almost every single Urgal in that battle never came out again. The two Urgal commanders were Tarok and Gashz.

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