Spoiler Brisingr
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Battle of Ceunon
Part of: Rider War
Place Ceunon
Result Elven victory
Broddring Empire Elves of Du Weldenvarden
Tarrant Islanzadí
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Ceunon was a conflict in the Rider War, the first in which the elves were directly involved.


To support the Imperial war machine, Lord Tarrant ordered the citizens of the town to cut down trees from the elven forest of Du Weldenvarden to be used in the construction of siege engines. Unable to tolerate this incursion, the elves openly joined the war on the Broddring Empire.

The BattleEdit

It was reported that the gates of the city were swiftly destroyed by elven Spellcasters. Tarrant barricaded himself in a tower in the city, although this stronghold did not hold for long. The city was in complete control of the elves.

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