Battle of Broken Egg and Scattered Nest

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The Battle of Broken Eggs and Scattered Nest was a short but bloody battle during Du Fyrn Skulblaka at the Stone of Broken Eggs. It is unknown what the battleground was called before the battle took place, as the name comes from the battle itself.

The battle Edit

In the battle, an elf attack team ambushed the dragons at a nesting spot in the forest. The elves slaughtered the dragons and broke the eggs with strong magic. It is said that blood rained down on the forest below. No dragons have lived there since.

Aftermath Edit

After this the dragons declared war on the elves which was bloody and destructive for both sides. It only ended when an elf, Eragon, found a dragon egg and founded the Dragon Riders.

Du Fyrn Skulblaka

Battle of Broken Egg and Scattered Nest

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