Spoiler Inheritance

The Barrows of Anghelm are an unspecified location mentioned by the Eldunarí Umaroth in Inheritance. Umaroth mentions to Murtagh and Thorn that, here, "the one and only Urgal king, Kulkarvek, lies in state". It is unknown where exactly the location of the Barrows of Anghelm are, but it is speculated that they may be located in the old Urgal homeland, across the sea.

Real-universe connectionsEdit

  • Kulkarvek, "the one and only Urgal king" who "lies in state"[note 1] seems to be in a similar position to that of Kal Torak in David Eddings' The Belgariad. Like Kulkarvek, Torak lay in state for many years, waiting to be awakened. However, it is unknown whether Kulkarvek waits to be awakened, too, or whether his body has merely been preserved and lies in the Barrows of Anghelm.

Notes Edit

  1. Lying in state at Wikipedia
Since Umaroth mentioned this to Murtagh and Thorn, in full knowledge that they were likely travelling North, it may be presumed that the Barrows of Anghelm were located North-West, North or North-East of the Ramr River, which is where they were when they said this.

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