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A dwarf axe

The axe was a common weapon among the dwarves. Axes could be effective in battle, especially against well armored enemies and cavalry. Axes could cut through plate armor and mail easily, and could cripple horses with a single blow.

Applications in combat Edit

The axe was a common weapon among the dwarves. They likely favored the weapon due to its strength and size. Since the dwarves were short, axes would be useful at slashing at enemies legs, crippling and killing enemies with a few quick strikes. Urgals also liked the weapon, because, when paired with the Urgals' strength, the axe could tear through armor and hide. King Orrin used an axe to behead one of Galbatorix's soldiers, relinquishing his sword since the enemy soldier had been rendered immune to pain by Galbatorix's magic.

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