Arya's family was one of several royal families living in Ellesméra. Arya's family, whose line possibly dated back to Queen Tarmunora, had been in authority for many years. Tarmunora was succeeded by Dellanir, Arya's grandmother, implying that Tarmunora was of the same elven House. However, she could have handed the throne to another royal house, as elves sometimes do. Dellanir ruled for centuries before voluntarily abdicating in favor of her son, Evandar. Evandar then became King and partnered with an elven princess, Islanzadí, who gave birth to Arya. Evandar died at the hands of either Galbatorix or one of the Forsworn about 100 years before the events in the Inheritance cycle and his queen took the throne after him. After her mother died, Arya became the Queen of the Elves.

It is unclear how many family members Arya has apart from her mother: Arya has stated that she has no brothers or sisters. The only other member of the same house mentioned and that only in passing, was named Niduen. Niduen sent a gift to Eragon when he arrived in Ellesméra, but it is uncertain what relation Niduen was to Arya.


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