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Aerosol, il fratello furbo di Eragon
Author Joey Luke Bandini (Gianluca Bedini)
Cover Artist Roberto Curcio
Publisher Edizioni clandestine
Publish Date November 2006
Type Pocket
Number of pages N/A
ISBN ISBN 88-89383-52-6
Preceded by N/A
Followed by N/A

Aerosol, il fratello furbo di Eragon, translated as Aerosol, the Clever Brother of Eragon, is a spoof of Eragon published in Italy, written by Joey Luke Bandini, the pseudonym of the Italian writer Gianluca Bedini.


Following (more or less) the plot of Eragon, the book tells the story of a young boy named Aerosol with the hobby of mycology, who finds an egg in the forest while he was searching for mushrooms.

Thinking he has discovered a new species of fungi, he brings the egg and takes it home, where he understands, with the help of a telepathic fish called Matsugoro, the real nature of the egg, and awaits for the birth of the pink, giant musk turkey called Ceesyra (the blue turkey called Palmyra pictured on the front cover of the book doesn't appear in the story).

Aerosol, with the two animals and a personal trainer called Cyro, takes part in an adventure, in which he learns to use his cabalistic magic power to fight against Migarbangliorix, the Emperor of Analgesya.

During his adventure Aerosol and his company meet many of characters, all of whom parody the characters of Eragon.

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