Major Species Humans
Location South of Alagaësia

Southeastern Surda

Terrain Grassland, near Coastland
Climate Semi-arid
Main Industry Farming, fishing, trading, other
Capital N/A
Government Monarchy
Head of State Orrin
Aberon was the capital of Surda. It was the center of King Orrin's authority and a symbol of free sentience. Aberon, a walled city, was located on a bluff surrounded by an open plain. Orrin's palace, Borromeo Castle, was located in the city and was enclosed with three concentric walls, which included numerous towers. When Orik, Eragon and Saphira flew to Aberon, Eragon noticed hundreds of ballistae manned on the towers. Following the death of Ajihad, Nasuada led the Varden to Aberon. Orrin, encouraged by the victory the Varden had achieved over the Broddring Empire at the Battle under Farthen Dûr, readily agreed to harbor and open his treasury to them. Later, the armies of Surda marched out from Aberon and engaged the Imperial forces at the Burning Plains.

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