Following the Siege of Dras-Leona, Murtagh and Thorn were sent to demoralize the Varden in a brief skirmish, the object being to capture or kill Varden leaders. While Thorn, who finally bested Saphira, was wounded by Arya (the wielder of Niernen who he in turn knocked out with his tail) and several of their Imperial guards were slain after inflicting major losses to the Varden, they successfully captured Nasuada. Eragon then became the Varden leader in her absence, as per her previous wishes. During this conflict Thorn seems to have matured; unlike the previous battles he predicts Saphira's attempt to bite his neck and uses aerial acrobatics to remove Niernen and attack Arya.

Characters involvedEdit

Rebel charactersEdit

Imperial charactersEdit

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