IW icon transparent This article describes content from a deleted scene or scenes. It may include material that is not considered canon.

Ënurfala was a dragon in Urgal legend. It dwelled on Yngla Mountain and was said to have stolen a magic spear from Svarvok. Svarvok spent several years forging iron rungs to climb the mountain to get the spear back, but while he did manage to complete the rungs, it is unknown if he was ever able to retrieve the spear, as he was distracted by the pursuit of his son, Ahno the Trickster.

It is uncertain if Ënurfala ever actually existed or is merely a creation of Urgal myth. They are only ever mentioned in an Urgal legend featured in a brief deleted scene in Brisingr.

In addition, Ënurfala may be "the great dragon" that caused Rahna to create the Urgals, as told in the story of Maghara.

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